Friday, 11 May 2018

My Non Chronological report-Mer-Wolfs

For the Last two weeks we have been looking at Non Chronological Reports. A Non Chronological Report is a factual report.

I found adding descriptive words the hardest thing because I didn't want to turn it into a story.
I have improved by putting in more descriptive words and adverbs.

For this Non Chronological Report we had to write about a new animal/creacher. I created the Mer-Wolf (see picture below).

Here is my Non Chronological Report: 

The Mer-Wolf   

The Mer-wolf is an unusual occurrence that happens when a werewolf is somehow pushed into a body
of water that contains merpeople, if the werewolf can not get itself out of the water it will proceed to
search for lifeforms to bite and eat in the water. If a merperson happens to be swimming past and is
bit by the werewolf it creates the Mer-wolf.

The Mer-wolfs appearance can be very frightening. Often adopting the brown and black torso and head
of a werewolf and the tail of a merperson, varying in color. The tail will become covered with small spikes of  fur and the werewolf head will grow miniscule gills on the outside of its neck. On an odd
occasion that it will keep the merpersons delicate head and grow too long werewolf legs, this sends
the merperson into a hypnotic state and will develop a taste for blood and hunting instincts.  It will swim
up to the surface of the water and search on land for blood never straying far from the bank of the
lake or ocean that it came from, this makes Mer-wolfs very poor hunters on land as many of the prey
they are looking for will be in villages. Far from any body of water that merpeople live in since
merpeople are very shy creatures and prefer to live away from humans. Underwater the mer-wolf will
swim with a sort of awkwardness, the arms will often be as long as or longer than its tail which makes
them a hazard to itself. .

Not unlike the normal werewolf the Mer-wolf will search for victims of its bite. It will also feed on fish
and other forms of seas life. If the mer-wolf is incredibly hungry it will search for dead bodys and
corpes to feast on. The mer-wolf is a poor hunter because of its tail and arms dragging it down it is
very slow and if it dose find a merperson to bite it is very unlikely that it will plant a bite because of its
slow swimming.

The Mer-wolfs transformation is more uncommon than normal werewolves transformation because
it will only transform when the full moon's light passes over the part of ocean or lake that the mer-wolf
lives in. Transformations can last from anywhere from 18 hours to 5 minutes. This makes the Mer-wolf
very unknown and many believe that the Mer-wolf is a myth.

It is very unlikely that you will ever see a Mer-Wolf and if you do the best thing to do is climb a tree
since the Mer-Wolf does not like to climb because they find it hard to get back down. If you are
underwater swim to the surface and get out of the water, most Mer-Wolfs will not get out of the water.
They are slow so there is a chance you will be able to get away from it.  A person hasn't seen a
Mer-Wolf in 1050 years.

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