Thursday, 25 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1, Activity 4

Activity 1:

Listen to waiatas and choose your favorite. 

I am a Kapa Haka leader at my school so I didn't feel the need to listen to any but my favorite one to perform is probably Hareluia.

Activity 2:

List the name of a Maori game, the goal or the purpose of the game and two rules.

Last year I was on the student council, as part of that we conducted a ki o rahi tournament for all the schools in our cluster. With sport canterbury's help we got all the schools together, taught them the game and then sent them away asking them to form two teams at their schools and then bring the team's back for a tournament.

We got on stuff here.

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Friday, 12 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey-Week 1-Activity 3

Week 1: Activity 3

Activity 1: Write on your blog how you would feel to have eight to nine siblings.

I would feel annoyed and sad-I only have one sibling and It is annoying sometimes. I would feel like Ron Weasley off Harry Potter.

Activity 2: Write a Mihi.

Here is the template they gave me for this.  SAMPLE PEPEHA
Ko ________________________ te maunga    The mountain that I affiliate* to is…
Ko ________________________ te awa          The river that I affiliate to is….
Ko ________________________ te waka The waka that I affiliate to is…
Ko ________________________ tōku tīpuna My founding ancestor is…
Ko ________________________ tōku iwi          My tribe is…
Ko ________________________ tōku hapu My sub-tribe is…
Ko ________________________ tōku marae My marae is…
Ko ________________________ ahau I am from…
Ko________ rāua ko ___________ōku mātua  My parents are … and …
Ko ________________________ tōku ingoa. My name is …

I did not use this because most of my family is from (or is descended from):England, Australia, France, Scotland, Wales. So I do not have an iwi,marae or hapu.

Here is my Mihimihi:

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Ko Aoraki te maunga.

Ko Waimakariri te awa.

Kei West melton toku kainga noho.

No Hei Hei ahau.

Ko Mrs Spragg taku kaiako

Ko Mrs Taylor taku kaiako

Ko Yaldhurst toku kura.

Ko Helen raua ko Paul oku koro.

Ko Keath raua ko Wendy oku kuia.

Ko Sharon toku whaea.

Ko Dan toku matua.

Ko Asher tōku tuakana

Tekau mā tahi oku tau.

Ko Hannah toku ingoa.

No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1, Activity 2.

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1, Activity 2.

Activity 1-Compare a wharepuni with your own house, Two differences, Two Similarities. 


  1. Materials used to make houses; There houses were made out of bark, Rushes, Tree Ferns, earth, thatched roof. Now houses are made out of steel, wooden frames filled with insulation. They sit above the ground on concrete and my house is made out of bricks.
  2.  Different houses for everything; They had, wharepuni (sleeping houses), pātaka (storehouses), kāuta (cooking houses) and wharenui (meeting houses). Now everything is done in one house and in my opinion this is much more convenient.


  1. Usage: We do use houses for sleeping just like they did (although our houses are used for a whole lot of other things not just sleeping). 
  2. Shape: The same triangular shape has stayed pretty much the same. 
Activity 2- Draw a picture of your dream job. 

I had some problems with this because I have more than one so I ended up drawing everyone of them. 

Monday, 8 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1,

Activity 1-What three things did you learn about Maui?

I did not learn anything, I knew the story "Maui and the giant fish" and have read it on numerous occasions before this. Here is the link they sent me to.

Activity 2-Imagine you are on a waka and traveling to New Zealand, write a letter to a friend telling them how you  feel.

Here is my letter:

Dear Anahera,

We have been sailing for six nights now, everyone colder than the last. Hemi and
Awhina are becoming more and more frantic as the moons pass. Kupe says that we
will be there soon but I am not so sure, we have already past three other wakas and
i'm sure there are more to come. Tāwhirimātea has been kind to us and Tangaroa has

I am nervous of this new land, Hemi says that he is excited but in his child brain
I know he is just as nervous as I am. We are all sad you are not here with us, we miss
your jokes and child-like nature. Awhina cries for you at night and I try to comfort
her, telling her that you will be with us soon.

Please tell me how you are fearing, I worry that without Anaru you are not getting
the meat you need. But you have Hohepa now and I am glad of that.

Love from, Ataahua

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Narrative writing practise.

In writing this week we were shown a video called Oceanmaker. Mrs Spragg paused the video at 1:47 and we had to plan and write the rest of the story from that point on. 

First we talked about what a Narrative needs: 
  • 1st or 3rd person view
  • Beginning. middle, end
  • Personification
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • setting
  • character
  • vocab (who, what, when, where, why)
  • connectives  (suddenly, therefore, afterwards) 
Here is the video: 
(Wach untill 1:47 and puse then read my story after that watch the rest of the video) 

We had success criteria to follow and then after we had finished the story we assessed it and then we had a peer assess it. 

Name   Hannah                                                                   Peer Marker: Ian
Success Criteria - Narrative
Features of Text
  • I have included a beginning, middle and an end.

  • I have created a setting by showing with my words or using who, what, when & where.

  • I have included a problem & solved it (or created good tension)

  • I have written a satisfying ending.

  • I have written in either 1st person or 3rd person.

  • I have used descriptive language throughout  (sets of 3, alliteration, similes, personification, metaphors) and provided detail to my story.

  • I have used a range sequencing connectives. (time words or phrases)

My Personal Target/s: ISPACE and Advanced punctuation
Good with ISPACE

What I think I did well: I think my beginning was really good and I used lots of describing words
What my partner thinks I’ve done well: Time connectives and phrases
What I think I need to improve next time: I think I could improve on my middle and end, I felt like they weren't the best I could do.
What my partner thinks I need to improve next time:  Make a more satisfying ending
Here is my story: 

Puttering of the failing engine distracted my every thought. Sweat dripped from my dust covered forehead onto my goggles and down my cheeks, looking through my binoculars for anything short of a miracle. The golden desert gleamed below me like glowing sun, my plain was dipping up and down. Then I noticed a gleam of light coming from the lighthouse lamp, there it was again. It was  pointing at something in the sky. Following the light I looked up at a cloud. I looked at again, hoping I wasn't getting sunstroke but no, there was a cloud. Hope is a magical thing, I was so excited. Turing the plain towards the cloud I started fly to it but then I smelt smoke, looking down at the first engine I gasped, it was smoking and had stopped spinning.
“I can make it to the lighthouse in time” I thought, doing the calculations in my head. Pulling forward the lever. The smoke became more intense, two engines were down! Pushing even harder we hit top speed but then I heard an explosion! Engin three had exploded and we were falling nose first into the sand. Knowing there was nothing more I could do I placed my hands over my head, preparing for impact.

It came, I was jerked up and down in my seat, feeling sick I knew when we had finished, Unclipping my seatbelt I grabbed my plans off the dashboard and my backpack from behind me, running as far away from the plain as I could. BANG! It exploded and the heat hit my back (not that it made much of a difference). Slowly turning my head to see the damage I groaned, it was gonna take weeks to fix. Then the door to the lighthouse opened, a short man stuck his head out. He had light brown skin with grey hair sticking up in angles, he was wearing an old air force vest and green pants. He hopped along with a weird jiggle in his step.
“who are you?” he asked, he had a high voice with a slight crock to it.
“um, hi. Im Kayla. My plane just crashed”
“yes, yes. See that, see that. Let me look, let me look” he said running over to it. I ran after him, not wanting him to break it. “where did you get this junk?”
“I built it” I replied stuffing my papers in my bag
“I can see why you crashed it”
“I didn't plan to crash it”
“yes, yes.” he said turning away from it “my name is Zem”
“Zem?” I said confused by the name
“yes Zem, Zem!”
“ok, ok” I said and before I knew it he had grabbed hold of my hand and dragged me inside the lighthouse.

At the bottom was a small kitchen with a door off the side. Looking up I saw a dizzying set of spiral stairs with a floor in the center then a floor at the top.
“How long have you lived here?” I asked him
“for as long as I have lived here for”
“ok,but how long have you lived here for?”
¨For as long as I have lived here for” he replied
¨so...a long time”
¨yes, yes.”
¨what do you do for food?”
¨I came here long, long time ago with air force. Ate all food we had then when food done I ate the only thing left” I shuddered at the thought of him eating his crew members.
¨air force huh. Can you build? I need help building something”
¨what, what!¨ He said jumping up and down in excitement
¨its this rainmaker” I said passing him the notes. He skimmed them and then became way to excited, grabbing my hand and pulling me up the towering staircase.

In the second floor could have been mistaken as a workshop if not for the bed crammed in the corner.
¨Zem! You have everything in here we need” I exclaimed and we started getting to work.
Maybe this is the Miracle i've been looking for.

(now go back and watch the rest of the video)
I would really like your feedback on what I did well and what I could improve on. I think I used a lot of SPACE and I think I could improve on my ending. Im not particularly proud of this story, I think I could have done a lot better and I didnt really enjoy the video so I think that showed in my story. 

Friday, 20 October 2017

Logo Design

This week we had to create a Logo for our Uru Mānuka cluster. We had some rules,

  • Make it simple
  • It has to be able to be shrunken and blown up.
I would really like your feedback on what I did well and what I can improve on and maybe any tips for next time?

To make these I used Google Drawing and LogoMakr.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Hey Guys!
Yesterday in writing Mrs Taylor said that we were doing the 100WC!!!! It took me and Mrs Taylor all day to get mine down to 100 words but finally we got it from 141 to 100! Here it is,

We had to include the words:

Professor    Crocodile    Purple    Twisted    Difficult

Water gushing out of the rusty pipes, Professor Margo had warned me about this, my reckless self wouldn’t listen. The flow became more intense, I had to get out. Water was sloshing around my waist, rising fast. I had to stop Señor Macres and his twisted mind. I shed my dark Purple jacket, it was pulling me under. Water enveloped me, dizziness causing fading in and out of consciousness. For a split second I saw someone riding a Crocodile. The end was near! A hand broke the surface of the water, it was difficult, but finally I had a grip.

Do you like it? Tell me what you think down in the comments, I love hearing your suggestions!