Thursday, 10 August 2017

Senior Buddies

This week Laura and I started Senior Buddies. Senior Buddies is a support system that has two/three seniors going into one of the three junior classes. We get to do stuff like, help with reading and sight words, testing spelling and helping with fitness. I really enjoy this because I love the juniors and I love helping them learn. 

Children and Young Adults book awards

Today we got to go to St Margaret's to listen to six authors talk about their books. My favorite authors were Leonie Agnew and an Illustrator, Jenny Cooper. I really like Jennys drawings and Leonie talked about her book, The Impossible boy, I really like her and afterwards I got to go down and ask a question, I asked if they had any suggestions for anyone who wants to be an author and they gave me lots of helpful information that I would use.

If I had to choose a book to win the book awards I would choose Leonie Agnew´s The impossible Boy, I really liked the part she read and she is a great person to listen to.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Netball Zones

On Wednesday the 2nd the Yr 7&8 netball team went to netball zones at rollistion college, it was fun but we didn't win any games though we did tie one. The first game we played we lost to rolliston college then we played against burnham, we tied that one-one all. Then we played rollestons other team and we lost again but it started poring with rain and we had to go inside to the gym. Our last game was cancelled but we versed West Melton and we lost but we had fun and it was an awesome experience.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Holiday Recount

DISCLAIMER: Sorry if this is really bad, I am not good at recounts but I had to do this, so here goes:

In the holidays it was my birthday, I turned 12. On my birthday I had my party and Prudence, Laura, Bree and Grace came. We meet at the bowling alley and we had one game of bowling. It was fun and Prudence won, Bree came second, Grace came third, I came forth and Laura came fifth. I love the bowling alley, the crash of the ball hitting the pins, the loudness of people having a good time, it makes me smile.  After we bowl we go home and sit in my room, we do presents and just sit. Then we go into the lounge and we see that dad has set up the data projector, we start singing karaoke and we love it, it is so much fun. But then Bree dropped the microphone on her head. We started watching the movie but then Laura walked out and she was spewing. It took a little bit but she got taken home and we went back into the lounge.  We choose a different move and then we went to bed, it was a little bit before we went to sleep and I woke up at three in the morning so I didnt get the best sleep but the next day Prudence and I got dropped of at Drexel's by Mum for breakfast. It was fun and yum but we both felt really sick after it. I had lots of fun.
Hope you enjoyed my story!



Monday, 3 July 2017

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Make-up night

Hey Guys!
On monday night at 7´Oclock Bree´s mum, Leanne, came in and had a makeup night with some of the Mums, Sisters and Students of our school. Leanne is a professional makeup artist with her business Beautiful Makeup. It was $5 entry for kids and $20 entry for adults, all the money is going to wellington camp.

There was about ten of us there and we had so much fun! Bree and I were modals and Leanne showed the makeup on us, I was first and Leanne did night makeup on me, but she said that it is more like bridal makeup. Then Bree went and she got a full contour and day makeup. I learnt so much but mostly that contouring is shaping the face.

Here is some photos: