Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey #3 - Leaving a Positive Digital footprint.

This activity was all about what we can do to leave a positive digital footprint online.

I made this in Google Drawing.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey #2 - My Hometown

Today's activity for the Summer Learning Journey is all about our hometowns. My hometown is less of a town and more of city (all though not by much). I live in Christchurch in the south island of New Zealand.

Christchurch is, in reality a very small city. It seems like almost every time you go out somewhere your going to bump into someone you know. Because of its size there isn't too much to do for teenagers. Every single kid who has grown up in christchurch has been to Orana Park, Willow Bank, the air force museum and the city museum almost so much that they can pretty much walk around them blindfolded. 

Christchurch is also quite flat, meaning that when you meet someone one of the fundamental questions that you will get asked (after "what's your name" and "how old are you") is; "What school do you/did you go to?" It's a pretty common question and one that it pretty much an automatic for most people. 

Most people out of Christchurch know it for its infamous earthquakes. That is something that is %100 true. We did have some pretty horrific earthquakes (nothing on Japan but it was for us). 

But I digress, I do like my city, aside from the earthquakes and "having nothing to do aside from the mall". It's hot in the summer and cold and wet in the winter. I like going out to the river with our Dog and having the beach only a half and hour drive away. It's nice to be able to sit at home and be creative because there is almost literally nothing else to do.  But of course, as with anything. If you had asked me what my thoughts on my city were before I visited London i'm sure the answer would have been much different and probably much more positive. 

By Hannah. 

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey #1 - Fun Facts About NZ!

This is the first week of doing the summer learning journey. This week is all about the Māori creation story. It talked about how the North Island is looked at as the Fish and the South Island is looked at as Maui's Waka. The Activity we had to do was look at a bunch of fun facts about NZ and list them below.

Fun Facts About NZ!

1. Queen Elizabeth the second is the official queen of NZ. She is represented in NZ by the Governor General.
2. Kiwis are obsessed with cars. In the country there is Apox, 2.5 Million cars with only Four million people.
3. New Zealanders are called "Kiwis" but not after the fruit. After one of our many native flightless birds. We actually call what many people would call "Kiwi" "Kiwi Fruit" and if you call something a "kiwi" your ether talking about the bird or a person from NZ.

These were my fun facts about NZ! Hope you liked them, comment if you learnt anything!

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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Paddle Boarding

Yesterday the Year 7's & 8's went to Lake Rua for paddle boarding. It was kinda warm and sunny when we first got there. We sat down and ate some morning tea while the Instructors, Geoff and Kelly explained what we were going to to that day. After we finished Morning tea we play a couple of games. We played a game called Evolution and then one were Kelly would call out a number and we had to get into groups of that number and then she would call out a thing and in that group we had to make that thing.

After that we all got given paddles and we started to learn how to use it. I found this kinda hard because I am so used to using a Kayak paddle but I got the hang of it. 

Then we got split into two different groups and put our life jackets on. The other group got to go on the single paddle boards while we started on the giant one. We had to blow it up and then put it in the water. We started by kneeling on it. It was so hard to control it as a team but we kinda got the hang of it. Then we tried to stand up, we were all standing up when piper wobbled and lost her balance and everyone fell off the side except for me and Jacob. I saw everyone fall and I just slipped backwards and sat down on the middle of the bord. 

After that we ate a quick lunch and then it was time for us to go on the single boards. The single boards were surprisingly eser then the giant one. Chloe and I were really fast and we were racing. I stood up a few times but it was hard because it was really windy and its harder to control the board when it's windy. 

Then we got into two teams of six and did a relay race.  That meant that three of the team went out on one of the giant boards, high five Geoff and then come back and the other three get on. Me, Grace and Grea went out on the second round and our team won! 

Then it was almost time to go back to school. But first we got to swim in the lake. And we all splashed Mrs Taylor. 

Then we got changed, drove back to school and had hot chocolate in the staff room. I can't wait to go surfing tomorrow!