Friday, 27 July 2018

Granny Houses

This week we have been doing revision for maths, at the end of the week, we had to create a DLO teaching one thing we have been revising. I was revising Granny Houses and so I created a video teaching how to do Granny Houses.

Here it is

I Hope that I have taught you something. If I have comment down below what you learned.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

End of Term 2 Reflection

Today we had to write our end of term 2 reflection and then draw a picture that represents there term-here is mine.

What has worked Well? What am I proud of?
I think that what has worked well for me is having a list of things I had to get done and sitting
down, planning out my block/day and doing it. I also think that me having a more positive
attitude toward maths this term has gone well and I and proud of what I have achieved with
maths and how far I have come. I am proud of my being able to know what I have to do and
getting it done and also I am proud of how much I have improved with my descriptive language
in writing.

How have I shown my YMS HERO values? (When/how)
I have shown my HERO Values when I took charge of the Netball team, coaching and helping
them. I have shown my YMS HERO values when I preserved through different tests and
managed to finish them with ok marks. How I have shown my YMS HERO Values is when
I didn't complain about having the amount of work that I had and just got on with doing it. I have
shown my YMS HERO values when I stopped my work to help others with the embed code on
the blogs.

Are there something’s that haven't gone well for me? Why?
Somethings that haven't gone well for me is my reluctance to work well with relievers because
I don't enjoy having them in class and so my mind puts up a mental barrier. Somethings that
haven't gone well for me is my time management with work I have to get done because I do
have other stuff that gets in the way of that.

What Challenged me and how did I work through the challenge?
Using ITTM in reading was challenging because I find it hard to vocalise how I am thinking
about something, I worked through it by slowing down when I was asked to do ITTM and not
think that everyone is waiting for me to hurry up because I am too slow and to just say what
I am thinking in my own time. Also what challenged me was splitting up my time in between
my friends because I want everyone to feel happy and included and If they want me to sit with
them I don't want to say no because I am with someone else but I also don't want the other
person to feel like I am not being friends with them.

What Will be my focus next time?
Managing my time with my work better because I still want my work to be finished to a high
standard but I don't want to not get work done because of it.

How to find the Area of a Circle

This week we have been learning how to find the area of a circle, I made this slide to help anyone else who needs it.

Here it is:

I hope this helped you! Tell me how you did in the comments, I will try to reply as best as I can. Then try some harder ones!

Friday, 6 July 2018

I Knew a Hippo once...

Yesterday we had a long write, we had to write about or have a hippo in our story. I wanted to share mine.

Here it is:

I Knew a Hippo Once...

I knew a Hippo once, I met him once when I was young. In the center of the dark and dreary woods, there is a slippery slimy lagoon. I had never dared to go close, the stench of old,
sweaty socks and moldy cheese radiated off of it, so no one ever got very close, the thick,
mucky, slime green water looked like soup. One particular incident happened when I was so
little that my grandfather could pick me up above his head, like a crane lifting a crate up.
He could swing me around and a ground and then drop me back down to the ground, then
I would stagger away like I was drunk. Hiding behind my favorite tree in the woods
I looked out onto the lagoon (or as I liked to call it-the massive soup bucket) when
I noticed something not quite right, there was a disturbance in the water, like the wind had
blown a leaf in and it had not shriveled up at the smell. Lurking, as still as a log there was the
head of a hippo subtly-half out-of-the water. I knew how dangerous Hippos could be and in
hindsight, it would have been better for both of us if I had just run right then. But curiosity
is like a lion, it creeps up on you-sits, watches you with hungry eyes until you are weak and then it pounces-bringing you down with its weight.

Slowly the Hippo swaim toward the bank, its eyes shifting from side to side, waiting
for the animals to be quiet and for the world to be safe. Lifting itself out of the water
and breaking the usually smooth surface I saw the monstrosity of the grey body, short
stumpy legs that I knew would be fast and I wouldn't run away from. This would have been
a good time for me to run as well, but you know what they say-Curiosity kills the cat and I was
the cat. It glanced around at me, making eye contact-I should have run but something stopped
me, maybe it was curiosity, maybe it was the fact that running probably would have made things
s worse, or maybe it was the look in its eyes, so calming, safe. Almost like it was saying,
It's ok, I’m not going to hurt you. Follow me. It's that, that made all the difference.

Then, as slowly and as smoothly as it had gotten out of the water it ambled down the forest path
, the sun glinting off the wet grey skin as it went. I followed. Unsure of why I was following, but
then, little kids almost never know why, that's why there always asking. It wasn't hard to follow,
the wet trail of mucky, smelly water it left behind was easy to find. Coming to a stop in a clearing
I left a reasonable distance between me and the hippo. He was sitting, his stumpy back legs
tucked under his large belly. In front of him was a monstrous plant, it was tall and a hissing and
sizzling sound was coming from it, dripping, green slime was running down the stalk and
producing more from the top. The Hippo was in a trance-like state and somehow I knew that
he needed to get away from it. Slowly creeping forward, I picked up a stone from the ground-it
was wet with slippery lake water. Lining up my shot I chucked it, it landed on the plant-a loud
hissing sound erupted from it and shaking like a scared puppy it shriveled back-for a second
I thought it was dead-but only for a second before it lurched back forward-covering us in green
slime. Spitting out a mouthful of it, the bitter taste burning my mouth, I looked around in shock,
what could I do now? Before I could think of what to do next the Hippo stood up, looked
leisurely around and then opened his jaws wide and closed them around the plant.
Chewed it like a clump of grass and then swallowed. I looked at it in complete shock,
not sure what to do next, should I help him? Leave him, run for help? But before I could do
anything in the sort he gave two massive heaves before the plant came back up and out of his
mouth-it was definitely dead. The hippo turned around and walked back out of the woods and
towards the lagoon.

I knew a Hippo once, he was the most amazing hippo I had ever met. We didn't talk because
we didn't need to. I would sit and watch him and he would swim until the sun went down, then
I would walk back home-until the next day.

Did you like it? Leave your thoughts, Ideas and Feedback in the comments and I will try to reply to them as best I can!

Thursday, 5 July 2018

My Poetry Anthology and how to write a Haiku

A couple of weeks ago we created a Poetry Anthology each and I wanted to share mine.

The easiest poem I found was Haikus-I already write a few haikus in my own time so it was fun to be able to write them in school time. The trickiest one was a shape poem because I found it difficult to find heaps of describing words for one object.

Here is how to write a Haiku:

A Haiku is made up of three lines, each line is a different number of syllables. The first line is always 5 syllables, the second line is 7 and the last line is 5 again. For example, my Haiku-The Tiniest Light goes like this-

The Tiniest Light,
It calls, whispers in the dark,
Calling us home now.

If you count Each line like this-

The Ti-ni-est Light
It calls, wisp-ers in the dark,
Call-ing us home now

You will see that the first line has five, the second line has seven, and the last line has five.

Try writing your own Haikus in the comments, I will try to reply to as many as I can!

Here is my Poetry Anthology:

Friday, 29 June 2018


This week we have been creating Newspaper articles, I found this challenging when the website we were using keep blocking out what I was writing. So then I changed to make it on a doc but I found that challenging as well because on docs you cant use text boxes and so the text kept going all over the place and I couldn't make it look like a newspaper.

This is what we had to have:

  • Heading 
  • Sub-Heading 
  • Picture
  • Caption under picture
  • Quote
  • Two Pages 
  • Add  

Here is my Newspaper:

I would like your feedback about the layout of the Newspaper and what I could do to improve it!

Friday, 22 June 2018

Converting Percentages/Decimals and Fractions

Last week in maths we looked at converting Percentages, Decimals and Fractions.

I found it hard at first but when Mrs Taylor gave me this diagram-

It made it easier to understand. 

The Different lines show what to do with converting, for example:
If I was converting a Decimal into a Percentage I would times the decimal by 100 and it would give me my percentage.

And if I was converting a percentage into a fraction I would just put the percentage over 100 and it makes the right fraction.

The one that I was stuck on was converting decimals to fractions but then I understood, you need to take the numbers after the decimal point and depending on how many there are and where they are after it, you either put them over 10,100,1000...

I hope this helped you!