Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Unicorn Dance Party!

This week is Hooked on books week, during this week we get a new book every day to read with the class and do activities with. The first book this week was one called, liar. It is about a boy who creates a TRUTH app. In this app it can tell you whether someone is lying or telling the truth. Where were giving a slide with a bunch of activities we had to do. One of the activities was coding a Dance Party on Code.Org. I found this hard but once I finished the tutorial it was easy. On here we could create our own dance party by using a series of code blocks.

Here is mine:

Tell me what you think of it!

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Novel Study

This week was my first week back at school from being away for three months. Here is the link to my family's blog if you want to read about what we did while we were away. This week has been all about me catching up with work. One of the things I had to catch up on was Novel Study. Everyone else in my group is reading Anne Frank. But I have already read it and there were no more Anne Frank books left so I was allowed to choose a different one. I chose: I am David - Anne Holm.

Here is the slide that we have to work on for the Novel Study.

Comment if you are interested in the book.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Writing Prompt Story

For the past couple of days, I have been writing a short story that I got the idea from, from a writing prompt I saw online. Here is the Prompt:

Here is the story:

A Woman came to me once, she was in desperate need of help and even though I didn't know the first
thing about medicine, the only thing I could do to help her was let her inside and give her the soup that
was boiling on the stove. If I had known what was going to happen next I would have never helped her.
When the soup touched her lips she transformed into a powerful sorceress named Mendax. The Tales
of her magic spread across the lands, the good and the bad. She gifted me with a power, a power to help,
a power to heal. If only I knew the price of helping, the price wanting to be a good person.

The people of my village loved me, people came from far and wide to be healed by me. I believed I was
doing good. I believed that if I kept doing it people would live. I was walking through the village in the
valley below mine, this village was heavy with disease and sickness. But nothing I hadn't seen before,
I was determined to make a difference here. Out of nowhere, an arrow went speeding past me, missing me by inches. A cry of pain called me and I ran over to were a man had been shot, blood
leaked out of the wound, the arrow sticking out of his chest. I lent over the wound and blew on it. The
Arrow Disappeared, the beading stopped and the wound closed over, leaving not even a scar. A cry a
pain was let out beside me and I looked over in shock. A boy who was standing a moment before was
now lying on the ground, holding his stomach in shock. Because sticking out it was an arrow.

People looked over at me in fear, I saw it bubbling and boiling in their eyes. People shielded their
children from me. It all came collapsing down around me, I froze in confusion and shock.
“It's the Mors!” Someone yelled from behind me and everyone recoiled in shock and then ran.
“No! No, I'm not the Mors! I'm not! Please, Please. I can help him, my name is Sano. I just want to help!
Please!” I pleaded but it was too late, everyone had left and the boy had died.

I never healed anyone again. Until a woman came to me in desperate need of help…

Did you like it? If you did please leave a comment. Maybe you can have a go yourself with writing a story from this prompt and share it with me.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Hotzin Bird

For Reading, I have been learning about a bird called the Hoatzin. I made a slide to answer the questions and do the activities that were given to us about the text. One of the activities that we had to do was create a DLO to show our learning. I made this PiktoChart.

Did you learn something? Comment if you did and what you learned! 

Friday, 27 July 2018

Granny Houses

This week we have been doing revision for maths, at the end of the week, we had to create a DLO teaching one thing we have been revising. I was revising Granny Houses and so I created a video teaching how to do Granny Houses.

Here it is

I Hope that I have taught you something. If I have comment down below what you learned.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

End of Term 2 Reflection

Today we had to write our end of term 2 reflection and then draw a picture that represents there term-here is mine.

What has worked Well? What am I proud of?
I think that what has worked well for me is having a list of things I had to get done and sitting
down, planning out my block/day and doing it. I also think that me having a more positive
attitude toward maths this term has gone well and I and proud of what I have achieved with
maths and how far I have come. I am proud of my being able to know what I have to do and
getting it done and also I am proud of how much I have improved with my descriptive language
in writing.

How have I shown my YMS HERO values? (When/how)
I have shown my HERO Values when I took charge of the Netball team, coaching and helping
them. I have shown my YMS HERO values when I preserved through different tests and
managed to finish them with ok marks. How I have shown my YMS HERO Values is when
I didn't complain about having the amount of work that I had and just got on with doing it. I have
shown my YMS HERO values when I stopped my work to help others with the embed code on
the blogs.

Are there something’s that haven't gone well for me? Why?
Somethings that haven't gone well for me is my reluctance to work well with relievers because
I don't enjoy having them in class and so my mind puts up a mental barrier. Somethings that
haven't gone well for me is my time management with work I have to get done because I do
have other stuff that gets in the way of that.

What Challenged me and how did I work through the challenge?
Using ITTM in reading was challenging because I find it hard to vocalise how I am thinking
about something, I worked through it by slowing down when I was asked to do ITTM and not
think that everyone is waiting for me to hurry up because I am too slow and to just say what
I am thinking in my own time. Also what challenged me was splitting up my time in between
my friends because I want everyone to feel happy and included and If they want me to sit with
them I don't want to say no because I am with someone else but I also don't want the other
person to feel like I am not being friends with them.

What Will be my focus next time?
Managing my time with my work better because I still want my work to be finished to a high
standard but I don't want to not get work done because of it.

How to find the Area of a Circle

This week we have been learning how to find the area of a circle, I made this slide to help anyone else who needs it.

Here it is:

I hope this helped you! Tell me how you did in the comments, I will try to reply as best as I can. Then try some harder ones!