Friday, 18 May 2018


For the past two weeks we have been looking at BEDMAS.

I found it difficult at the start but then once Miss Taylor explained it again I understood it.

 My next steps is to learn how to use BEDMAS with square roots.

 I created this video to help people understand BEDMAS better, please leave a comment about BEDMAS and if the video helped you understand it better.

Intro 1 on Biteable.

Friday, 11 May 2018

My Non Chronological report-Mer-Wolfs

For the Last two weeks we have been looking at Non Chronological Reports. A Non Chronological Report is a factual report.

I found adding descriptive words the hardest thing because I didn't want to turn it into a story.
I have improved by putting in more descriptive words and adverbs.

For this Non Chronological Report we had to write about a new animal/creacher. I created the Mer-Wolf (see picture below).

Here is my Non Chronological Report: 

The Mer-Wolf   

The Mer-wolf is an unusual occurrence that happens when a werewolf is somehow pushed into a body
of water that contains merpeople, if the werewolf can not get itself out of the water it will proceed to
search for lifeforms to bite and eat in the water. If a merperson happens to be swimming past and is
bit by the werewolf it creates the Mer-wolf.

The Mer-wolfs appearance can be very frightening. Often adopting the brown and black torso and head
of a werewolf and the tail of a merperson, varying in color. The tail will become covered with small spikes of  fur and the werewolf head will grow miniscule gills on the outside of its neck. On an odd
occasion that it will keep the merpersons delicate head and grow too long werewolf legs, this sends
the merperson into a hypnotic state and will develop a taste for blood and hunting instincts.  It will swim
up to the surface of the water and search on land for blood never straying far from the bank of the
lake or ocean that it came from, this makes Mer-wolfs very poor hunters on land as many of the prey
they are looking for will be in villages. Far from any body of water that merpeople live in since
merpeople are very shy creatures and prefer to live away from humans. Underwater the mer-wolf will
swim with a sort of awkwardness, the arms will often be as long as or longer than its tail which makes
them a hazard to itself. .

Not unlike the normal werewolf the Mer-wolf will search for victims of its bite. It will also feed on fish
and other forms of seas life. If the mer-wolf is incredibly hungry it will search for dead bodys and
corpes to feast on. The mer-wolf is a poor hunter because of its tail and arms dragging it down it is
very slow and if it dose find a merperson to bite it is very unlikely that it will plant a bite because of its
slow swimming.

The Mer-wolfs transformation is more uncommon than normal werewolves transformation because
it will only transform when the full moon's light passes over the part of ocean or lake that the mer-wolf
lives in. Transformations can last from anywhere from 18 hours to 5 minutes. This makes the Mer-wolf
very unknown and many believe that the Mer-wolf is a myth.

It is very unlikely that you will ever see a Mer-Wolf and if you do the best thing to do is climb a tree
since the Mer-Wolf does not like to climb because they find it hard to get back down. If you are
underwater swim to the surface and get out of the water, most Mer-Wolfs will not get out of the water.
They are slow so there is a chance you will be able to get away from it.  A person hasn't seen a
Mer-Wolf in 1050 years.

Friday, 4 May 2018

May the fourth be with you


Today is May the fourth and is international "Star Wars day" in honor of the day we had a dress up day for our class and we all dressed up as Star Wars characters. I dressed up as Ray from The Last Jedi.

For math we created star wars box characters, I choose to make C3PO (because it's not a star wars movie without him)

This is my C3PO

Thursday, 5 April 2018

There's a boy in the girls bathroom-New Chapter

This term we have been reading a book as a class. Our book is called-There's a boy in the girls bathroom. It is an awesome book about a boy called Bardly who starts seeing a counselor and learns how to make friends. After we finished the book we got given a list of activities we had to choose from to do and I choose to write a new chapter for the book. This takes place the night after he meets the couclier.

Bradley stormed through his front door, past his mother (who was chopping up a different fish then the one he had seen this morning), past Claudia, past his father and up the stairs. Into his room, slamming the door behind him. Why did he have to have a councillor? Why did she want to know every little thing about him?
“Don't worry Bradley, we won't let that evil councillor hurt you!” Ronnie said from her place on the windowsill
“Yeh! We’ll protect you!” Bartholomew said bravely. Bradley walked over to them and picked up an old tussie, ripped it in half and tied one of the halfs around Ronnies neck and one around Bartholomews neck like superhero capes.  
“Thank you Bradley! We can be like Batman and Robin” Ronnie replied, excitedly jumping up and down.
“Your Bartholomew and Ronnie! Ready for any evil counselors that come your way!” Bradley said, picking up Ronnie and Bartholomew and holding them above his head while he ran around his room,
“Weeeeeeeee!!!!!” Ronnie yelled, holding her hand out in front of her in a fist.
“What are you doing?” Claudia was standing in the doorway, Bradley wondered how long she had been standing there for. He dropped his hands, letting Ronnie and Bartholomew drop onto his bed.  
“Playing with your little dolls?” She teased
“No” he lied. She tired to push past him but he shoved her back out the door,
“Go away!” he growled at her and slammed the door,
“Baby!” he heard her yell through the door and then her heavy-thunder like footsteps become lighter as she stormed away. Then he walked back over his bed and picked up Ronnie and Bartholomew, he untied the tussie capes around their necks and threw the old tussies into the bin-superheros dont exsit-he thought to himself and went back to chopping up the pieces of paper.

Cars rushed down the roads as if they were all in a race versing themselfs, people bussing themselfs with the desire to get home out of the crisp night air that clipped there ears and fingers. High above the bustle of the streets and the rush of the night was a tall building, it was old and slightly rotted, many people walk past it as if it is not not even there. The grey exterior did justice for what it looked inside as well. Many people might even believe no one lives there, that it is an old building, abandoned, unheard of. But these people would be wrong for there was a person living there, she sat on the top floor, looking out the grimey window. Boxes, books and various different games cluttered around her. She sat in an old leather chair, a mug of hot vanilla tea sat warming up her hands as the heater had broken a few days ago and with the rain clouds that seemed to permanently sit over the sky like a old blanket that didn't keep you warm but rather itched and annoyed you. Her long blond hair hung loosely around her back, a heavy grey knitted sweater draped over her shoulders. Her blue eyes shook with worry and confusion. She had tried as hard as she could this afternoon to help the boy she had heard so much about. To be honest as much as she had been excited to meet him she was also a little scared. From what she had heard she knew that he was just a scared, hopeful young boy who had never been taught how to make friends properly and now that she had meet him she knew she was right. She was just not sure how, how could she get through that many layers? Suddenly she back on the playground again, trying to help a young bully. But Charlotte wouldn't budge,
“Let me help you!” She had protested
“I don't need your help Carla, nobody does.” Charlotte had replied
“Everybody needs help”
“I don't want or need your pity. Why don't you go help your Dad, from what I hear he needs it”. Tears had stung Carla's eyes as they whole playground left her, sobbing by the slide, they were ashamed to know her and as much as she hadn't wanted to admit it she knew it was true, she heard them say it themselves, after school, in school, she had herd there parents talk about it behind closed doors, she had heard it all. A flash and she was back to reality, it was just a memory-nothing more.
“Pull yourself together Carla” she said to herself and turned the light by her chair off, she would think about it more tomorrow.

I hope you liked it! Please leave a comment, I would love to have your feedback!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Quality Blog Post slide

In class this afternoon we all sat down with Mr Robertson and read this slide, while we were reading the slide we talked about the different blog posts and how they were quality blog posts or how they could become quality blog posts. Then we had to answer the last three questions, here is the slide:

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

My MihiMihi

Here is my MihiMihi. A MihiMihi explains who you are and where you come from and is very traditional.

Here is my video of me saying my Mihi:

Here is my written Mihi as well: 

My MihiMihi

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Ko  Ngāti Tahinga te maunga.

Ko Waimakariri te awa.

Kei West Melton toku kainga noho.

No Hei Hei ahau.

He tauira ahau ki te kura o Yaldhurst.

Ko Sharon Spragg taku kaiako.

Ko Angela Taylor taku kaiako.

Ko Keath raua ko Paul oku koro.

Ko Wendy raua ko Helen oku kuia.

Ko Sharon toku whaea.

Ko Dan toku matua.

Ko Asher tōku Te tuakana

tekau ma rua oku tau.

Ko Hannah toku ingoa.

No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1, Activity 4

Activity 1:

Listen to waiatas and choose your favorite. 

I am a Kapa Haka leader at my school so I didn't feel the need to listen to any but my favorite one to perform is probably Hareluia.

Activity 2:

List the name of a Maori game, the goal or the purpose of the game and two rules.

Last year I was on the student council, as part of that we conducted a ki o rahi tournament for all the schools in our cluster. With sport canterbury's help we got all the schools together, taught them the game and then sent them away asking them to form two teams at their schools and then bring the team's back for a tournament.

We got on stuff here.

Posted by Hannah.