Friday, 20 October 2017

Logo Design

This week we had to create a Logo for our Uru Mānuka cluster. We had some rules,

  • Make it simple
  • It has to be able to be shrunken and blown up.
I would really like your feedback on what I did well and what I can improve on and maybe any tips for next time?

To make these I used Google Drawing and LogoMakr.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Hey Guys!
Yesterday in writing Mrs Taylor said that we were doing the 100WC!!!! It took me and Mrs Taylor all day to get mine down to 100 words but finally we got it from 141 to 100! Here it is,

We had to include the words:

Professor    Crocodile    Purple    Twisted    Difficult

Water gushing out of the rusty pipes, Professor Margo had warned me about this, my reckless self wouldn’t listen. The flow became more intense, I had to get out. Water was sloshing around my waist, rising fast. I had to stop Señor Macres and his twisted mind. I shed my dark Purple jacket, it was pulling me under. Water enveloped me, dizziness causing fading in and out of consciousness. For a split second I saw someone riding a Crocodile. The end was near! A hand broke the surface of the water, it was difficult, but finally I had a grip.

Do you like it? Tell me what you think down in the comments, I love hearing your suggestions!

Adding Fractions

Hey Guys!
Today in maths we were learning how to Add and Subtract fractions, we had to make a DLO and share it on our blog so I wrote everything out and took a screenshot.
Take a look!

I hope I helped you!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Five Sentence Challenge.

This week in writing my group went onto the Five Sentence Challenge website. The five sentence challenge is when you get given a picture and you have to write a story about it using only five sentences, Mrs Taylor wanted us to use power words. The trick with it is you have to pick only one part of the picture to write about. I chose the girl and the dog.
This was the picture:

This is what I wrote:

A light breeze pricked my skin, the smell of rain in the air was immanent. Sam was barking at tadpoles cutting the surface of the lake. He came bounding up to me, his slobbery tongue attacking my face. Placing one of his large, wet, dripping paws on my lap, I knew what he wanted. Giggling, I scratched him behind his velvet ears, his tail thumping the ground.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Golden Ticket

This Weekend I was performing my dance schools performance of ¨The Golden Ticket¨. Selwyn School of Dance is my Dance school and ¨The Golden Ticket¨ is the first performance that the Contemporary,Jazz,Hip Hop, Musical Theater and Theater Craft classes got to have their own performance. ¨The Golden ticket¨ is the dance schools version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. For the Matinee I was Veruca Salt, I had so much fun being Veruca and I got to speak with a british accent, my favorite line was,
¨I want a Squirrel, I want one! All ive got at home is one pony and two dogs and four cats and six bunny rabbits and three parakeets and two canneries and a turtle and a silly old hamster! I WANT A SQUIRREL!¨. Then in the evening show I was a Villager, a Pure Imagination girl and a Squirrel.
All the leads got a flower that was dyed rainbow.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


On Wednesday we went to Hornby Primary to do Toolkit. Toolkit is a thing were students from the different Hornby cluster schools came and took ¨Sessions¨ with different toolkits. We had to sign up to different toolkits but also we took one toolkit. Bree, Grace, Lucy and I had to do blogger. Then Grace and Bree were both sick so Lucy and I got Prudence to help us and we all went on the day.

We made a slide on how to create a quality blog post: