Friday, 8 June 2018

Pop Art

This week while the year 5 & 6s away we have been learning about the Pop Art movement and Pop art. Usually Pop Art is bold primary colours, thick black outlines and pointillism. Many of them are of famous people, normal people or everyday objects also there comic strips.
Examples of Pop Art:

We filled in this slide and then created our own Onamatpa word Pop art:

My word art:


  1. Hannah, thank you for sharing your learning this week. I love your finished product. It looks just like a splosh. Can you share your process of creating the piece of art? It looks easy but I have a feeling that could be deceiving. I enjoyed reading your self reflection. You seem to be aware of how you are going. Do you think your teacher agrees? Thanks for sharing your learning and amazing art.

  2. Hi my name is Charlotte from Papakura central school.
    I enjoyed reading your self reflection. I love your finished product.
    Blog you later
    From Charlotte